Data Services


We collect, source, manage, and analyze data to support your project goals.

Data Collection

Almost every project requires field data collection/validation. We collect a variety of field data, including water quality data, aerial imagery, streamflow discharge, vegetation density… The list is long, contact us to discuss your data collection needs.

Data Sourcing

We use publicly available data from government agencies, non-profits, and universities to complete the data “picture”. This can be step one for most projects since the data is (usually) available and free. This public data is used to develop field data collection strategies, run model simulations, and analyze current conditions.

Data Management

Data is only useful if it’s easy to access and organized. We always keep our clients data proprietary and secure. We host databases and backups for our clients to ensure they always have access to organized data.

Data Analysis

Data analysis tells the story. We are skilled at analyzing data to support project goals and refine management strategies.

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